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Island of Art - Marilyn Comparetto

Artist's statement 


I have been painting for almost 40 years now and as a self taught artist my journey has been both an exciting and fraught one!

I have centred my studies round various subjects, techniques and styles from figurative to abstract. Experimenting and learning through trial and error I have created good works and disasters. The disasters encouraged me to work harder to make the ideas work and the good works enabled me to leave them on one side knowing that I could go back at any time to continue with confidence.

Over the past 8 years I have been concentrating on expressive works using "Mixism", a new "ism" that I have created. "Mixism" is ideal for my expressive work as it simply means that I have the freedom to not only use mixed media but to use any techniques and styles within one work. To date I have delivered 19 demonstratons on Mixism to art societies nationally.

To be totally expressive I need to be free of any harnesses and have all my mediums set out for spontaneity. My artistic memory bank is able to produce visual pieces at will but I need to be stirred into action by the world around me from the time past or present!

Although this expressive style is the centre of my concentration at this time, I am still producing wild life, abstract, still life, collage and figurative works. I have various pieces at different stages of completion set up around my studio this enables me to work on them at any time.

My artwork will continue to take it's own unpredictable journey leading on to further experimentation and perhaps some new "isms"!


I currently have two websites:

I am currently running an International Art Competition, for further details please go to

I also previously designed and ran "Access to Active Art" website, for my own business, to promote artists through competitions-ran an international art competition via the web. Winners Jolander Ritcher, Austria - cash prize £500 and Allision Sherburne, St Albans -£200 of artist materials

I currently work in my own studio based in my home

Work Experience with children 

  •  Devonshire School - helped the class to develop a school frieze
  •  Fund raising for Oxfam - involvement in pilot scheme to educate 11-16 years on the role of Oxfam in the Third World.
  •  St Bernadette's School, London Colney - taught artistic activities to children in the nursery environment
  •  February 2004 County Youth Services, Stevenage employed as an Art Project Worker to run workshops around the County.
  •  Workshop 5th March 2004 at Bancroft Youth Centre-transfers for t-shirts
  •  3 x Workshops July 2004 Harpenden Centre clay modelling and collage
  •  Workshop November 2004 clay modeling
  •  February 2004/05County Youth Services, Stevenage employed as an Art Project Worker to run workshops around the County.

Original Artworks Sold between 1973-2010
 A variety of 165 paintings in various styles and mediums have been produced and sold over this period of time to private buyers.
 The most greatly sold subject has been wild life painted, usually in large scale and in oils.

 Between 1986-2010 commissioned to paint 36 portraits in a variety of mediums from oils to pencil to individuals nationally, some of these were commissioned through an agent whilst living in Manchester.

You can contact Marilyn directly by email at the following address:

Earlier works

Marilyn Comparetto - Earlier works