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Great Heavens above

Great Heavens above - Mixism (mixed media collection) - Marilyn Comparetto

Size of canvas: 70x100

 'This painting started with the theme 'Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder' and then went on to depict something more powerful.
 At the top of the painting you may be able to identify a blue silhouette of an angel like figure looking at a landscape, she represents both Mother Nature and also the Heavens above that are their own masters (or mistresses). They are both watching and controlling the future of the earth in it's entirety and should be not taken for granted.
 As human beings on this earth we watch and admire the many natural aspects around us and at the same time believe that we create our own destiny and our own future. But the natural forces may have other plans in store as seen by the recent disaster in and around India.'


D=10cm x W=70cm x H=100cm

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