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The paintings below are from the "Mixism" collection.

Sitting Pretty

Sitting Pretty - Mixism (mixed media collection) - Marilyn Comparetto For sale: original painting, unframed

Size of canvas: 76x101

This painting depicts how we all have an outer self and an inner self. The outer self is the image we project or the image and behaviour that we are expected to project.

For example a woman maybe expected to be many things a mother, a wife, a nurse, a teacher, a cook, career woman etc and yet still find time to keep beautiful!!
In this case the inner self may represent a burning desire, an ambition that may never be realised.

This painting may also be used to interpret that we have an outer image that we display to the world but within this we have an inner self where we may hide our secret thoughts, our true sexuality and emotions.


D=3.05cm x W=76cm x H=101.05cm

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