Island of Art - Mixed media - Sandie Thoroughgood - Blue water 5

Welcome to Sandie Thoroughgood's gallery. You will find here a small representation of Sandie's mixed media paintings - all for sale.
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Blue water 5

This is what the painting looks like in its frame (colour and dimensions of the frame are approximate)

Marbled inks and charcoal on canvas have provided the base as water in a
bowl. Oils and acrylics represent soapsuds. Plastic glasses attached to the
canvas appear ready to be washed up, they help add to the reaction of this mood.
Six different coloured acrylic squiggles make up the emotional word that echoes
from this scene. Colours in word: Aqua, White, Purple, Blue, Olive and green.
Purchasing this original painting can reveal the word. It is found written in English on the back of the canvas. If the word is necessary before purchase, it can be requested by e-mail to

Size of canvas: 22"x 20"

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Price: £ 185.00

Shipping: £ 9.25